How To Pass Post UTME – The Complete Guide to Scoring High in UTME

In the 2015/2016 Post UTME exams, 1.3 Million  Nigerian students registered for the exam, out of that number only 90,000 candidates were admitted into universities after the exam, making the ratio 09.11% of 100%.

In the 2020 Post UTME exams, 1,352,988 candidates scored 120 and above while 275,206 scored 200 and above, meanwhile the official minimum cut off mark for gaining admission that year, was 160.

We think these statistics raise the questions, why does Post UTME seem so difficult to pass? And how do I pass my own Post UTME?

You, shouldn’t concern yourself with the first question, instead, you should focus on how to pass your Post UTME so that you don’t just scale through by meeting the cut-off mark, but you really pass with flying colours.

Our guide on How To Pass Post UTME will provide you with some tips on how to achieve this.

How To Pass Post UTME

  • Passing The Post UTME
  • Preparing Against Failure For Post UTME

7 Best Tips to Pass Post UTME Examination

Any serious Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination candidate should know that 50% of passing the exam is based on how well you prepare for it, and without preparing properly you have already failed, even before you take the exam.

  • Read And Understand Past Questions
  • Take A Mock Test
  • Learn Basic Computer Skills
  • Take Tutorials
  • Try Solving Questions Without A Calculator
  • Ensure That Your O’level Result Is Good
  • Strive To Pass

To avoid failure here is how to passfor the Post UTME:

1. Read And Understand Past Questions

Do not undermine the importance of the Post UTME past questions, by completely ignoring them. If you want to pass, you can get the previous Post UTME questions of the university you wish to attend, and start studying them.

Doing this can give you a clear idea of how the school sets their questions, what type of questions are most likely to appear, in which topics and how many questions they set.

Another sure way for you to acquire accurate past questions is for you to find a subject’s JAMB past question from previous years and start solving them, try to also focus on the English Language, as most Nigerian universities’ Post UTME screening contains more English Language questions than on other subjects.

Check out this link to Post UTME Past Questions hub we created.

2. Take A Mock Test

Post-UTME is nothing like the WAEC exam, where you are first given a mock test to assess your capabilities. You are the one who will give yourself a mock Post-UTME test if you really want to pass the exam.

What you need to do is simply get those past question papers we discussed in the first point, and quiz yourself from them. When you are done with the exam, mark the correct answers you got using the past questions’ answer sheet.

3. Learn Basic Computer Skills

Computer literacy is an essential skill for this exam, as most universities will set a computer-based Post UTME for their candidates. On this note, you need to familiarise yourself with how a computer works as well as simple things like how to type in information into it.

During the test, you can still ask the officials anything you don’t understand about the computer test, however, learn what you can on your own.

4. Take Tutorials

If you are finding it difficult studying alone, you can form a study group with your close friends, or you can register at a centre that offers Post-UTME tutorials for aspiring candidates.

These types of tutorials are important, as they teach you working strategies and hints which you can use to boost your performance during the exam, and practising also gives you an idea of how you may perform in the exam so that you can redouble your efforts.

5. Try Solving Questions Without A Calculator

Using a calculator to solve equations can make things easier for you, but it also won’t hurt for you to learn how to solve the past Post-UTME questions without using a calculator to do so. This is because you may not be allowed to use a calculator inside the exam hall, so you really need to learn how to do without it.

6. Ensure That Your O’level Result Is Good

Putting in a good effort to pass your Post-UTME exam is a sure way to pass, but you have to double-check yourself to ensure that you have a good level result grade, as some universities may request for your grades when you are taking the exam.

Make sure your o-level result is good so that it won’t affect your admission in any way.

7. Strive To Pass

Failure starts with your mind, if you already have the mindset that you will fail, then it will happen like that. But if you aim to pass, then every effort you put in towards passing the Post-UTME will pay off.

Answer the prescribed past questions, join good study groups, ask other students who have taken the exam before you how they passed and don’t shut off yourself from asking for help when you need it.

How to Prepare to Ensure You Don’t Fail Your Post UTME Exam

Like we said earlier, preparing for the Post-UTME is only 50% of actually passing the exam, the other 50% is how you conduct yourself in the exam hall so that you don’t encounter any difficulties that can cause you to fail.

Most candidates prepared well, studied all the past questions, but on the day of the exam, they made several mistakes which caused them to be disorganised and perform poorly.

Simple mistakes like not entering the exam hall with the required documents, arriving at the exam late, not locating your centre on time, etc. are things that could present themselves as stumbling blocks to your success in the Post UTME.

Below are things you can do to pass Post UTME.

1. Travel Early

If where you are taking the Post-UTME is in another state, do well to travel on time so that you won’t be stranded on the examination day.

Travelling early will help you sort out things like accommodation, feeding, and how far the exam venue is from where you are lodging. These things can present themselves as minor inconveniences if they are not sorted out before the exam.

After the exam, you can now explore the city and enjoy it as much as you would like to. 

2. Go To The Exam Hall Early

Punctuality is the keyword when it comes to taking any exam, so you should endeavour to go to your exam hall on time. Going early gives you an added advantage, as you can have time to master the exam hall, and get used to the seating arrangements.

Arriving early also helps you in case you forget any important document or items so that you can easily go back and get them before the exam starts. 

If you are nervous about the exam, going early can help with that because the longer you stay in the hall, the faster your tension eases.  The stress of going late, will only add to your anxiety and even worsen your nervousness.

3. Avoid Examination Malpractice

There are many guidelines, warning against examination malpractice, yet most Nigerian students still get themselves entangled in this mess.

Please, do not be like those other disgraced Post UTME candidates who can’t read for an exam, instead, they prefer to cheat their way to the top.

Remember, you can always rewrite the exam if you fail, but there is no reward for being disgraced in front of hundreds of students. Just read your book, and follow the practices we’ve listed, and you will do well.

4. Don’t Depend On Your JAMB Score

Scoring high in JAMB is a big win, but don’t depend so much on that past score, that you now mess up in the Post UTME.

The JAMB score is important, but remember that it is reaching your departmental Post UTME cut off mark that will help you get into the university you wish to study in.

Do not study reluctantly, or stop striving to pass, because you are sure that your JAMB score will see you through.

Remember that they are different exams, and it is possible to pass JAMB and fail the Post UTME exam, so you need to put in a good effort for this exam as well.

5. Write The Exam To Score High

Reaching the cut off mark in the Post UTME is good, but something being good, doesn’t mean that it can’t always be better.

Don’t read like someone who wants to reach the cut off mark, study like someone who wants to exceed that cut-off mark.

Studying diligently for this exam will give you the ammo you need to pass, but your mindset is what will ultimately help you do better than other students who are already scared because they’ve failed the exams even before writing it.

If you must do badly in this exam, let it be that you failed so much that you landed on the cut off mark. If you believe that you will pass and work towards it, you will pass the Post UTME.

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