How To Retrieve WAEC Scratch Card Pin- Solved

how to check your waec result

So, you lost/forgot your WAEC Scratch Card Pin and you want to retrieve it?

A WAEC Scratch Card, WAEC Result Checker, or WAEC E-pin voucher is a card provided by the West African Examinations Council as a way for candidates to check their WAEC results online.

Enclosed in this card is a special 10-12 digit PIN number you can use to check one WAEC result up to 5 times as allowed on the WAECDIRECT result checking portal.

If you have lost your WAEC E-pin and need to get it back, you’re in luck because this article covers a step-by-step guide on how to do that. It also discusses other WAEC result related advice which you might find useful like shortcodes to retrieve your result and how to check WAEC results online.


  1. How to retrieve your WAEC scratch card pin.
  2. Shortcode for recovering or retrieving your 2021 WASSCE Results
  3. How to check your WAEC results online in Nigeria

How To Retrieve Your WAEC Scratch Card Pin

A WAEC Scratch Card pin as you know is important for gaining access to check your results. If you have lost or forgotten yours, below are the guidelines to easily retrieve it.

Card bought on Epinvoucher:

If you bought the scratch card on the Epinvoucher website you can retrieve it by simply:

  • Log into your Epinvoucher account and you will see the history of your past transaction.

Note that the above step is only for people who bought the scratch card through the Epinvoucher website.

Card bought through other mediums:

However, if the WAEC Scratch Card electronic pin was gotten through other mediums and you have lost it, here is how to recover it:

  • Check your SMS or your email, you should see the scratch card electronic pin.

Requirements for WAEC Result Checking

Whether it is for the just concluded WAEC examinations or for an earlier year, in order for you to check your WAEC result, there are certain requirements you must meet and items you need to have readily available.

We have listed them out below:

  • WAEC examination number
  • Scratch card pin
  • Examination serial number
  • Examination year
  • Type of examination

Other important resources you will need for checking your WAEC result include:

  • An active and stable internet connection.
  • A working device – smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
  • A reliable browser that works well across devices.
  • Basic PC or smartphone skills.

Shortcode For Recovering Or Retrieving Your WASSCE Results

The WAEC shortcode 32327 proves to be a good alternative for you to use to check your WAEC result, in case you do not have access to an internet connection or do not use a smartphone.

In this section we have given steps on how to check, retrieve or recover your WASSCE result using the shortcode.

Note that you will need airtime for this procedure, as it costs N30 on any mobile network to use the code.

1.Open the message app on your phone: this application usually has a shortcut displayed on your home screen, tap its logo to launch it.

2.Start writing a new message: click on the “+” sign at the top of the current SMS window to draft a new text message.

3.Type the receiver’s number: the receiver’s number is the shortcode 32327.

4.Compose the message in the following format: WAEC*YourExamNumber*e-VoucherPIN*ExamYear

5.Send the text: Tap on the send button to request for your WAEC result.

If the message you sent got to the right recipient, you should be getting a feedback text message in your inbox with a breakdown of your WAEC result grades.

How To Check Your WAEC Results Online In Nigeria

Checking your WAEC result online is the best method for candidates to use to access their grades.

This is because it is easy, free of charge, faster, and more reliable than the text message method that involves the shortcode.

Below is the procedure for checking your WAEC result online:

1.Connect to the internet- your mobile Data will suffice for the connection as you would need less than 10MB for this process.

2.Open the browser: On your smartphone or laptop, open any of your browser apps whether Chrome or Opera Mini.

If it is Opera Mini that you are using, set the “Data Savings Mode” to “High” or “Off.”

Be sure to disable your adblocker while completing this process.

3.Log onto the WAEC results checker portal: Ensure that you are using the official address.

4.Input your unique candidate examination number: The examination number is a 10-digit number that was given to you during the WASSCE exams. It consists of a 7-digit code for your exam center and a 3-digit candidate number.

5.Choose the year you sat for the exam: If 2021 is your exam year, it will be pre-entered for you by the system. For other years, scroll down the menu.

6.Choose the type of examination: examination type could either be “Private Candidate” or “School Candidate.”

7.Input the scratch card PIN and serial number: This information can be found on the back of the e-Voucher you bought.

Carefully scratch the card to obtain the 12 digit number you will use to reveal your results.

8.Click “Submit”: The submit button is found after the serial number field. Click it to enter all the required information you filled.

9.Wait for your result: Now, you have to be patient while the WAEC result checker website loads your grades.

The WAEC scratch card PIN is your best shot at gaining access to your WAEC result.

No matter what year you took the exam as long as you have this card and it is still valid and not overused you can find your grades.

However, note that  you can only use a scratch pin to check your WAEC result up to 5 times and you cannot check two different WAEC results with a single scratch card.