JAMB Regularization Procedure 2022 for Direct Entry and NYSC

jabm regularization procedure step by step

The JAMB Regularization Procedure can be overwhelming for students who want to apply for the process, but do not know how to get started with it.

We have provided solutions for you if you want to know how to do JAMB Regularization in the year 2021 for direct entry or NYSC or as a part-time or sandwich or distance learning student.

This article is packed with information on regularization like what regularization is, portal, deadline, price, admission letter, print out, fee for late registration and regularization, list, regularization for NYSC, and answers to frequently asked questions students like you have asked about this procedure in the past.


  • What is JAMB regularization?
  • JAMB regularization procedure
  • How to do JAMB regularization for part-time/sandwich/distance learning students?
  • 11 Frequently asked questions about JAMB regularization

What is JAMB Regularization?

JAMB Regularization is a process for the reconciliation of certificates between JAMB and the school that issued that certificate and confirmation of a graduate’s admission for NYSC mobilization.

This procedure is for you if you were enrolled in a school without writing JAMB and did not get an admission letter from JAMB during your admission. The reason for the regularization, in this case, is to reconcile the issue of “JAMB data/information”.

The regularization option is labeled “Late Application” on the JAMB portal and is generally for NCE/OND/HND candidates who want to take a JAMB direct entry examination and for graduates who waiting for confirmation from JAMB to be mobilized for NYSC.

To know if you should do the JAMB Regularization procedure, follow these steps:

  • Visit the JAMB Portal.
  • Find the year you sat for the JAMB exam and select.
  • Click “Check Admission Status”.
  • Enter your JAMB Registration number and tap “ENTER”.

If you find your admission details – course of study for your ND/NCE/HND, school, and passport then no need for you to do regularization.

However, if you do not find these details, a pop-up notification “Sorry no admission is given yet” will be displayed, meaning you should regularize.

JAMB Regularization Procedure

1. New users should create a profile using the Sign-Up Page. Create the profile with information like a valid email address, phone number, last name, first name, state, local government area, and password, click the Sign-Up button.

Returning users can just input your existing login detail.

2.  You can use your email address and password to sign in whenever you want to visit the website.

3. When you log in, you will be directed to the landing page and will view all the available services.

4. Choose “Late (Retroactive) Application” from the sidebar.

5. Click on “Late Application” from the menu.

6. A Transaction ID generated for the “Late Application” service will show on the confirmation page screen.

7. Review your details on the Confirmation Page. Take note of the Transaction ID highlighted in a bold red font, as you will use it for future transaction references. This ID will also be sent to your email.

8. To pay with a card click on Continue. You will be asked for the Transaction ID to use other payment options like Cash payment from your Bank, Quick teller, or ATM.

9. When directed to the Interswitch Payment page, enter your card details and click Pay.

10. Payment status will be shown on “My Payment Section” and an SMS and email with the Transaction ID and your payment status will be sent after you pay.

11. At the payment completion you will be asked for details like Exam Year and JAMB Registration Number.

12. Enter the information and you will get the application form. Fill the form online and complete all mandatory fields.

13. Clicking on the Submit button, completes your application.

14. After you submit your application, you get an Indemnity Form to be printed by you.

15. Fill the Indemnity form and give it to your institution of study for approval.

16. It is your institution that will now submit the approved Indemnity form to the JAMB state office on your behalf.

17. The approved form will be uploaded to your profile; you will get a notification for this.

18. JAMB processes your application and if it is approved, your details will change.

How to do JAMB Regularization for Part-time/Sandwich/Distance Learning Students?

1. JAMB has long integrated the admission process for all tertiary institutions into its Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) so that it can have the correct data of all Nigerian undergraduate students, which means as a part-time student you are required to visit the JAMB e-facility platform and apply to register your documents separately.

2. To apply for the JAMB regularization process, go to any verified JAMB CBT Centre and fill the JAMB Indemnity Form.

3. The Indemnity Form will be endorsed and signed by your school’s appointed Dean, School of Continuing Education (SCE) or Part-Time Studies to be submitted to the JAMB office.

4. After JAMB approves the Indemnity Form, you can go to the JAMB website to print your Admission Letter and registration number.

5. To enroll properly as a part-time / distance learning/sandwich student in any Nigerian higher institution, you must first register with JAMB by buying the JAMB part-time / distance learning/sandwich form for Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira before you buy the part-time / distance learning/sandwich form of your chosen institution of study.

11 Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Regularization

1. How Much is the JAMB Regularization fee?

The JAMB Regularization processing fee is a non-refundable amount of N10,000. However, you may incur additional charges from Remita and Cyber Cafe.

2. How Can I Check My JAMB Regularization?

  • Log onto JAMB Portal.
  • Choose “Students” from the menu.
  • Click “check matriculation list”.
  • Select JAMB examination year.
  • Type in registration number.
  • Click “fetch my details” to see your information.

3. How long does JAMB regularization take?

JAMB regularization can take one day for confirmation and approval of the Indemnity form by JAMB.

4. Is JAMB regularization compulsory?

Yes, JAMB regularization is compulsory. It is compulsory for all Nigerian-trained graduates who want to be mobilized for NYSC.

5. Can JAMB regularization be done twice?

Only those who did their regularization years back using the old method will be required to re-register.

6. What are the requirements for regularization?

Basic requirements for regularization are:

  • JAMB Profile.
  • Payment of JAMB Regularization fee of N10,000.
  • Indemnity form duly approved by your institution.
  • Registration number.
  • Full name.
  • Institution name (if you were transferred indicate to which school).
  • Former course.
  • New institution name.
  • Course you are being enrolled into.

7. How do I print my JAMB regularization slip?

  • Go to the JAMB portal.
  • Log in.
  • Choose “Admission letter”.
  • Pay.
  • Print out your regularization slip.

8. Are there any approved centers for JAMB regularization?

There are no designated centers for JAMB regularization, but you can visit a cyber cafe to help you with the registration process.

You can also contact the JAMB office to ask for guidance on certain issues:

Official Site: www.jamb.gov.ng

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters: Bwari, ABUJA: P.M.B. 189, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone Contact: +2348166335513 or +2348123658955

9. Is there a deadline for JAMB Regularization 2021?

No, there is no given deadline for JAMB regularization 2021.

Go to the website portal to check if you can still do the process; if it is no longer active, wait for the next process.

10. Should prospective NYSC members follow the JAMB regularization procedure?

Yes, NYSC members opting for JAMB regularization, should follow the given procedures.

11. Who Is JAMB Regularization For?

JAMB regularization is for:

  • Students who were not admitted by JAMB but by their school of choice.
  • Students whose course offered by JAMB and their school is different.
  • If your admission letter was revoked.
  • If you entered school via part-time or direct entry without taking JAMB.

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