WAEC 2021 Result Statistics:

waec 2021

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) through the Head of the Nigerian National Office of the Council, Mr Patrick Areghan has announced the release of the 2021 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)  which commenced on the 16th of August and ended on the 8th of October.

With a total of “80.56% fully processed and 19.44% still being processed due to some issues which are yet to be resolved”.

During his speech, which he delivered on Monday 22nd at the Council’s headquarters in Yaba, Lagos.  Mr Patrick Areghan said he was pleased with the outcome of this year’s examination.

He stated that the number of students who registered for the examination was “One million, five hundred and seventy-three thousand, eight hundred and forty-nine (1,573,849)”. And the number of recognized schools in the country that registered was “Nineteen thousand, four hundred and twenty-five (19,425)”.

The council recorded an outstanding success rate of 81.7% from the One million, five hundred and sixty thousand, two hundred and sixty-one (1,560,261) candidates who sat for the examination.

It’s no wonder the WAEC officials and many Nigerians have tagged this year’s WASSCE as the best to be released in the last 10 years.

It was also recorded that ” A total of One thousand, five hundred and thirty-nine (1,539) candidates with special needs registered for the examination. These included “Four hundred and sixty (460) visually impaired persons, Five hundred and eighty-two (582) had difficulty in hearing, Three hundred and sixty-two (362) were mentally challenged and Fifty-nine (59) were physically challenged”.

The council said that adequate provisions were made during the examinations to ensure that these special candidates had no difficulties whatsoever and that their results have been processed and are being released alongside the rest.

Statistics of participants and the success rate were given by the Council in details showing that: ” One million, three hundred and ninety-eight thousand, three hundred and seventy (1,398,370) candidates representing 89.62% obtained credit and above in at least five (5) subjects (i.e with or without English language and/ or Mathematics)”.

While “One million, two hundred and seventy-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty-four (1,274,784) candidates representing 81.7% obtained credits and above in at least two five (5) subjects including English language and Mathematics”.

Going further, it was stated that out of the 1,560,261 candidates who sat for the examination, “Six hundred and thirty thousand, one hundred and thirty-eight (630,138) i.e 49.43% we’re male candidates”. While “Six hundred and forty-four thousand, six hundred and forty-six (644,646) i.e 50.57% were female candidates”.

Mr Areghan went on to say that, there has been significant improvement in performance by 16.46% owing to the fact that candidates from the WASSCE 2021 who obtained credits and above in a minimum of five (5) subjects including Mathematics and English language were 65.24%.

This news brings so much joy to young admission seekers and university aspirants, as well all know that admission into any higher institution in Nigeria is predicated on having at least a credit in both Maths And English and any other three subjects relating to the intended course of study.

He further added that WAEC alone cannot be said to be responsible for this improvement. The federal and state governments should also be commended for their collaborative efforts in boosting the standard of education in Nigeria and other countries.

Withheld Results

The Council disclosed that it is currently withholding the results of One hundred and seventy thousand, one hundred and forty-six (170,146) candidates representing 10.9% of the total candidates. This is in connection with several reported cases of malpractice during the examination period.

Mr Areghan has expressed his concern for the alarming rate of examination malpractice despite the tight preventive measures that were out in place. He mentioned that perpetrators are “rogue website operators and other social media platforms who post the question papers online immediately after students begin writing their exams”. There’s also the problem of organised cheating in some schools and students bringing cellphones into the examination hall, despite the existing ban”.

He went on to add that these cases of malpractice are being addressed by the appropriate committee to decide on how to deal with the offenders. Whatever decision is reached will be communicated to the concerned candidates through their various schools.

Challenges of the 2021 WASSCE

In addition to the problem of examination malpractice being encouraged by the activities of rogue websites. There was also the challenge of insecurity in certain parts of the country and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Areghan during his statement said that the examination lasted seven weeks. From 16th of August to 8th of October, 2021. During this period, there were several security challenges in the South East (IPOB and ESN sit at home order). Including cases of kidnapping, banditry and insurgency in other parts of the country”.

How To Check Your 2021 WASSCE Result Online

You don’t need to buy any scratch card or Pin to access your results. You just need the serial number and result checker pin on the Smart Identity Card used during the examination.

Follow this simple process to assess your results using the WAEC result checking portal

  1. Log into the WAEC portal using www.waecdirect.com
  2. Put in your 10 digit examination number i.e 7 digit exam centre number followed by 3 digit candidate number
  3. Choose your examination year e.g 2021
  4. Choose the examination type i.e School Candidate Result
  5. Enter the card serial number
  6. Enter the card pin
  7. Click on submit and wait for the result to come up.

How to check your 2021 WASSCE result via SMS

Send your SMS in this format:


E.g WAEC*4251189563*1078925648842*2021

To short-code 32327 for MTN, Airtel and Glo Subscribers.

When will the certificate be out?

The original WASSCE certificate is usually ready 6 months after the release of results. the certificates will be sent to school centres where exams were conducted. So you can go to your school and the principal or other school authorities will hand it over to you.

There’s also the option of having your certificate sent to any WAEC office close to you or sent via NIPOST to your residence. But that’s only if you sat for your examination in a private centre. But first, you have to apply for it online using https://certrequest.waec.ng/

You can buy waec scratch cards for your exam scratch cards, voucher cards, e-Pins and many more.

Schools with the best WASSCE results in Nigeria

Here’s a list of schools that have a record for holding the best results in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. So if you’re looking to change your kids or ward then you should check out these schools.

Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja– founded on the 2nd of October 1996, this school has been producing the best WASSCE results in over seven years and is regarded as the best school in West Africa.

Marist Brothers’ Juniorate, Uturu– founded in 1981 comes second on our list.

Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi– this is a Catholic school founded by Rev Dr P. E Ekpu in 1986. The school has won the fourth position as best secondary school in West Africa and also best overall in WASSCE results.

Grundtvig International Secondary School, Oba– located in Oba Anambra state, it’s a boarding school that has produced ace students and was ranked number five by WAEC in 2014.

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani- located in Enugu and founded in 2004. In 2011 it was tagged as one of the best performing secondary schools and in 2015 WAEC ranked it number seven on the list of schools with outstanding results.

Christ the King College, Gwagwalada- Founded in 1991, is one of the best when it comes to producing top students in Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations.

The Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki- an all girls’ private school, located in Lagos. It boasts of students with some of the best WASSCE results.

Graceland International School, Port-Harcourt- this school boasts of qualified teachers and discipline. They constantly record high rates of success during external examinations.

Nigerian Turkish International College, Kaduna- the school is known for its constant award of scholarships to top students as a way of encouraging them to study harder. It’s no wonder they are among the top ten schools in Nigeria.

Oritamefa Baptist Model School Ibadan-

It’s an old school that has done well in producing some of the best performing students in both past and present.

Statistics of best performing schools in Nigeria.

According to a list compiled by WAEC and VATEBRA, an Information and Communications Technology Company, awards have been given out to best-performing students in the various schools. Here’s a list of the awards, the winners and their cash prizes:

  • Community Secondary School, Abajah, Owerri, Imo State- Overall best public secondary school in all subjects in Nigeria.

Cash prize: N2.5 million

  • Ayebode High School, Ayebode, Ekiti State- Best public secondary school in sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Physics) in Nigeria

Cash prize: N1.5 million

  • The award for Overall Best Male Candidate in public secondary schools in all subjects was given to Adeosun Ayotunde of Airforce Comprehensive School, Iyana Offa, Oyo state.

Cash prize: N500,000

  • The award for Overall Best Female Candidate in Public Secondary Schools in all subjects was given to Okorie Nkechinyere of the Federal College of Education Technical Secondahool, Akoka, Lagos.

Cash prize: N500,000