WAEC Syllabus 2021 for All Subjects

Do you want the complete WAEC Syllabus for all subjects?


I guess you do.

So here is your complete WAEC syallabus for SSCE and GCE 2020.

Updated and Latest WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects

Below you will find a link to all the WAEC Syllabus for any subject of your choice. All you need to do is simply click on each link and download your syllabus free.

PS: If there is any syllabus you think we should add and it is not included, please do not hesistate to drop a message or comment.

To your examination success.

  • Arabic WAEC Syllabus
  • Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus         
  • Animal Husbandry (alt a) WAEC Syllabus
  • Animal Husbandry (alt b) WAEC Syllabus
  • Applied Electricity or basic electricity WAEC Syllabus       
  • Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting WAEC Syllabus     
  • Auto Electrical Work WAEC Syllabus        
  • Auto Mechanical Work WAEC Syllabus   
  • Auto Mechanics WAEC Syllabus
  • Auto Parts Merchandising WAEC Syllabus             
  • Basketry WAEC Syllabus
  • Biology WAEC Syllabus  
  • Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concreting WAEC Syllabus   
  • Book keeping WAEC Syllabus     
  • Building Construction WAEC Syllabus     
  • Business Management WAEC Syllabus   
  • Carpentry and Joinery WAEC Syllabus      
  • Catering Craft Practice WAEC Syllabus    
  • Ceramics WAEC Syllabus              
  • Chemistry WAEC Syllabus            
  • Christian Religious Studies (New) WAEC Syllabus
  • Civic Education WAEC Syllabus  
  • Clerical Office Duties WAEC Syllabus       
  • Clothing and Textiles WAEC Syllabus       
  • Commerce WAEC Syllabus           
  • Computer Studies WAEC Syllabus             
  • Cosmetology WAEC Syllabus      
  • Crop Husbandry and Horticulture WAEC Syllabus              
  • Data Processing WAEC Syllabus 
  • Dyeing & Bleaching WAEC Syllabus          
  • Economics WAEC Syllabus           
  • Edo WAEC Syllabus         
  • Efik WAEC Syllabus         
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work WAEC Syllabus       
  • Electronics or Basic Electronics WAEC Syllabus   
  • English Language WAEC Syllabus              
  • Financial Accounting WAEC Syllabus       
  • Financial Accounts WAEC Syllabus           
  • Fisheries (Alt-A) WAEC Syllabus 
  • Fisheries (Alt B) WAEC Syllabus 
  • Foods and Nutrition WAEC Syllabus         
  • Forestry WAEC Syllabus
  • French WAEC Syllabus   
  • Furniture Making WAEC Syllabus              
  • Further Mathematics or Mathematics (Elective) WAEC Syllabus  
  • Garment Making WAEC Syllabus               
  • General Agriculture WAEC Syllabus         
  • General Knowledge in Art WAEC Syllabus             
  • General Mathematics or Mathematics (core) WAEC Syllabus        
  • Geography WAEC Syllabus          
  • Ghanaian Languages WAEC Syllabus       
  • Government WAEC Syllabus       
  • Graphic Design WAEC Syllabus  
  • Gsm Phones Maintenance and Repairs WAEC Syllabus    
  • Hausa WAEC Syllabus    
  • Health Education or Health Science WAEC Syllabus          
  • History WAEC Syllabus  
  • Home Management WAEC Syllabus        
  • Ibibio WAEC Syllabus     
  • Igbo WAEC Syllabus        
  • Information and Communication Technology (Core) WAEC Syllabus          
  • Information and Communication Technology (Elective) WAEC Syllabus
  • Insurance WAEC Syllabus             
  • Integrated Science WAEC Syllabus           
  • Islamic Religious Studies WAEC Syllabus
  • Jewelry WAEC Syllabus              
  • Leather Goods WAEC Syllabus   
  • Leatherwork WAEC Syllabus       
  • Literature in English WAEC Syllabus         
  • Machine Woodworking WAEC Syllabus  
  • Marketing WAEC Syllabus            
  • Metalwork WAEC Syllabus
  • Mining WAEC Syllabus  
  • Music WAEC Syllabus    
  • Music(New) WAEC Syllabus        
  • Office Practice WAEC Syllabus   
  • Painting and Decorating WAEC Syllabus 
  • Photography WAEC Syllabus       
  • Physical Education WAEC Syllabus           
  • Physics WAEC Syllabus  
  • Picture Making WAEC Syllabus  
  • Plumbing and Pipe Fitting WAEC Syllabus             
  • Principles of Cost Accounting WAEC Syllabus
  • Printing Craft Practice WAEC Syllabus     
  • Radio,Television and Electronics Works WAEC Syllabus   
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning WAEC Syllabus            
  • Salesmanship WAEC Syllabus     
  • Sculpture WAEC Syllabus             
  • Shorthand WAEC Syllabus           
  • Social Studies (New) WAEC Syllabus        
  • Store keeping WAEC Syllabus     
  • Store Management WAEC Syllabus          
  • Technical Drawing WAEC Syllabus            
  • Textiles WAEC Syllabus 
  • Tourism WAEC Syllabus
  • Typewriting WAEC Syllabus         
  • Typewriting (2) WAEC Syllabus  
  • Upholstery WAEC Syllabus          
  • Visual art WAEC Syllabus              
  • Welding and Fabrication engineering craft practice WAEC Syllabus           
  • West African Traditional religion WAEC Syllabus
  • Woodwork WAEC Syllabus          
  • Woodwork (GH) WAEC Syllabus
  • Woodwork to I.E.D WAEC Syllabus           
  • Yoruba WAEC Syllabus  

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